Hier das aktuelle Repertoire von MULE!:

• A Moment's Piece (MULE!)

A Place To Live (MULE!)

Anger (MULE!)

Burn The Witch (MULE!)

But The Mules Say (MULE!)

• Departure (MULE!)

Devil Inside (MULE!)

• Devil's Dance (MULE!)

• Empty Shell (MULE!)

• Half Way Man (MULE!)

Hommage (MULE!)

Fields of Dishonour (MULE!)

Follow Me (Rory Gallagher)

In Bloom (Nirvana)

Insignificance (MULE!)

Iron Man (Black Sabbath)

It's Not Because Of You (Witchcraft)

Lamb's Elegy (MULE!)

Last Lullaby (MULE!)

• Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters)

Lithium (Nirvana)

• Little Crow (MULE!)

• Live Wire (ACDC)

Lunacy (MULE!)

• Motorbuilt Freedom (MULE!)

• Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)

• Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

Piper Of Greed (The Brew)

• Piju ja, piju rad (Kabat)

• Pretender (Foo Fighters)

Priceless (MULE!)

Privacy (MULE!)

Rat Race (MULE!)

Rock & Roll Queen (The Subways)

Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)

Running Out Of Tears (MULE!)

• Song 2 (Blur)

Songs Unsung (MULE!)

Thought About (MULE!)

Trapped (MULE!)

• Trust (MULE!)

Waiting For Godot (MULE!)

War Pigs (Black Sabbath)

Wind And Rain (MULE!)

Wishmaster Song (MULE!)

Words Equals Fists (MULE!)

You Won't Bring Me Down (MULE!)